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Finding Marylin

August 16, 2012  •  3 Comments


Hey there, gotta write this down before I completely forget because now it was 4 days ago and already the memory is nearly a memory of itself. Right then, this isn't really all that important other than it's an example of putting yourself out there. So it was early last Sunday morning and it was uber-duber foggy at 05:30 so I was all psyched to get out there and make some ethereal pictures of something or other, but I had no real plan, so I just went looking along a stretch that would seem to hold the most possibilities. I stopped at a couple different places for this and that, then I stopped at a particularly favorite vantage point and began visualizing something to make a picture of and it all sucked except just over there was a man and a young boy mucking around the boulders so I went up to them and asked if I could make their picture and they accepted and I went on to try and make some small talk and reassure them that I wasn't just some malevolent crazy guy and I made their picture a few times and they were nice and we parted ways.

"Bart and His Boy"

I went on to make a couple more crap images of nothing really important and then hopped back into the Golf to look for something else and around the next corner I spotted this lady with absolutely striking silver and black and white hair standing on the popples facing the ocean and the fog and my jaw probably dropped because that was the picture that was here the whole time. So I pulled over and scampered over the boulders down to where she was and said something like: "good morning, could you do me the favor of letting me make your picture- or something like that." Although what she probably heard was something more along the lines of "HAaaaR Raaar Ez GAd Attack Dispose" or something like that because she looked at me in a truly untrusting way and said something like " I don't know, how many are you going to take?" or something and I went on to say that the chances are that I will completely screw up the first picture so probably at least ten, but that it wouldn't hurt a bit". So at this point she allowed me and my camera to enter her space and I set about making a mockery of my passion for photography, missing focus and blowing exposure, etc, etc- and I was doing this the whole while trying to make small talk to make her feel like I wasn't a serial accoster, and wouldn't you know she starts singing! Marylin is from Texas and she sings gospel and she started singing in an absolutely undeniably beautiful voice "Jesus is his name"- spreading her arms wide and leaning her head back and singing deep from within, suddenly it was obvious that even if I didn't make a picture at any point this morning that I was rewarded in spades by meeting this incredible 50 something woman of deep character and beautiful soul, and we talked about faith and the twelve step program and other stuff, and here I should put in a disclaimer that at no point did I entertain the notion of anything improper because I dearly love my partner Sophie, whatever, where was I- right: my point is that I really love the facet of the camera being an opportunity to interject yourself into a scene where you ordinarily otherwise would have no right being. There have been a bunch of experiences that I have enjoyed because I was there to make a picture, it's almost like a passport to life sometimes, not that anyone should need an excuse like a camera to experience life and the world, but it sure does make it more memorable! 

"Marylin in the Fog II"

I just wanted to write this up because as a landscape shooter my conversations are always very one sided when I'm talking to the rocks, so it really is an eye opening and interesting experience to interact with the humans from time to time. I should make a point to remember that. 

So with that in mind- charge your batteries, format your memory card, and get out there and experience some life through your viewfinder! Good stuff! Thank you my megapixels! And have a nice day my friends -Nate.

P.s. I'm not advocating trespassing or getting all up in someones face or this that or the other thing, you still have to honor the conventions of society, just saying don't be afraid to make that picture when you see it, you might just have your own memorable experience. 


frank o'shea(non-registered)
You got it. Teriffic web site too. Well done.
Truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos and especially the background story.
Olivier Du Tré(non-registered)
Dude! These are fantastic!!!
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