Learn digital photography and post processing (how to develop a picture)- we'll go into Acadia National Park and using the gorgeous and varied backdrop of the rugged Maine coast we'll practice photography covering the basics from what the modes on the camera do, to how to apply them, to shooting fully manually, and more advanced concepts. Everybody has a camera these days and I learned from teaching with Canon Photography in the Parks http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/standard_display/Photography_Parks that everybody wants to make a better picture, but you only have so much time and patience to read the manuals and do the research- that's where I come in! We'll practice technique and I'll give you weekly objectives and we'll critique the images and move on- 

When I was a kid of 10 years old my Ma enrolled me in guitar lessons, there was just no way to know the direction of the learning curve to learn guitar for me, and it's the same with photography- you can do what you want with photography and so long as you're enjoying it then it's a successful endeavor. But if you want to get better and challenge yourself and set goals for success then you need to educate- and I love teaching! 

$60.00 an hour. You bring your own gear and are responsible for your own safety- we won't go anywhere crazy anyways, just saying! I teach off Adobe Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5 although you can use a whole host of other programs to develop your images.

Email me at http://nateparkerphotography.com/contact.html and we'll go shooting!

Quietside Seascape II

"Quietside Seascape"