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What's with the blog anyways>?

June 26, 2012  •  5 Comments

Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars

"Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars!"

Well the simple answer is they said that it was better for the SEO- search engine optimization, as the Google web crawler doesn't do images, and it doesn't do flash, so all that was left was text. And after I got going it was a great space for me to ramble- like I would rather fill up the space under the Facebook post or the G+ post with way more words, but people don't like too many words on the social networks- not appropriate for the typical attention span there, but here I can do whatever I want! I can say "Huzzahuhwallawalla!" and nobody can tell me that it's out of context here. I'll keep that to a minimum though-

And what's with it but every good landscaper or photographer other has, it seems, left words behind, like Ansel would write or nap or teach in the noon hours and it wasn't just to beat the heat, it's cause he figured the light sucked at that time and he was a creative of the highest order. Which makes me feel like a scab (American term for a picket-line breaker) (which means someone who would go to work when the real workers were striking to get better wages or insurance or working conditions)) which is to say that if I feel like I can walk in the footsteps of Ansel Adams just by converting to black and white and writing a blog- I got a long way to go sucka! Maintain the modesty, find strength in humility, everyone can do it better, it just comes down to are they?

So check this out: last week on Thursday night Sophie and I got dressed up to go to the MDI Bio-Lab "Where Art Meets Science" show that I had 6 prints hanging in, in this brand new real big and snazzy new laboratory building that was just opened recently and the show was the first happenstance to celebrate the pomp and circumstance of the thing, and I was kinda psyched thinking that some pretty heavy hitters may be about to appreciate my action and all and indeed at one point it was pointed out to me that a couple was admiring one of my images and gesturing at it so I went over to say hi and talk about the work. That was a long sentence. Not two minutes into my interaction with the "potential buyers" and this older gentleman who is by all appearances distinguished and put together, sidles in and interrupts (literally) and starts to debate the virtues of film and digital with me and they.?! He say's he has just printed this very morning, that he only shoots film, that he suffers more then I do to get the shot somehow, and I'm totally put off by this douche so I begin to react as rudely as I can muster as having been raised as well as I have, and long story short- they all ended up walking away, leaving me with my print and a wall. 

Therein that's the most important thing I learned last week: how to succinctly present my pitch and!... here's the thing, both of those guys walked away, but maybe I should have focussed more of my energies into the photographer: asking him "are your images hanging here as well?", "why not?", offering him advice into digital post processing workflow options through scanning et al perhaps. Maybe I could have harvested a much better client through teaching then through simply a one-off print sale? Who's to know, all I know is that it's back to the drawing board and writing a bit on my bloggy while I drink some beers and mull it all over.

And here's another thing: I'm doing the Google Analytics bit which is everything you wanted to know about how unpopular your website is from soup to knuts. And if I post something new that's texty, I'll get 20 times more visitors then an ordinary day- which is good because maybe one of them is the art director. So who's to blame me, until I find something better to do, I'll be back, and rambling more.

Thanks for stopping by, H.a.n.d. -Nate.


Nathan Wirth(non-registered)
Nate -- (with Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" blasting in the background) -- I get this sometimes also. I wouldn't let any of it get to you. Film is, after all, awesome ... and digital is absolutely cool ... I always shift these conversations to a discussion about what I love about film and why I think it is still such an important medium. It usually shuts the attack down ...

I love reading your rambling verbal jazz, Nate!
Ed King(non-registered)
Nate my Bud.. keep rocking the blog .. I can totally relate to your experience

These past couple weeks have been so crazy for me I felt like I neglected G+ with a few comments here and there and minimal image postings. I am actually going to be giving a talk on Google + at a local business networking meeting in a month or so. There are many local businesses wanting to get involved but haven't made the jump yet. I also have been doing more work with some web developers for local towns and such which has been really fun.

I've been getting some practice with the google stuff and the hardest part for me is content which you have a knack for.. keep it up that is for sure and I know good things come to good people.

Keep it up
Chris White(non-registered)
I enjoy your blog Nate, there's more to internet photography than posting pictures and hitting the plus one button. Your comment about "people not liking too many words on social networks" struck a cord with me....I was thinking the same thing the other day. I think that's kinda what they call an contradiction of terms. Maybe it's the result of the "twitter" generation. I find it curious that a communication vehicle was developed that intentionally limits your ability to communicate....forced editing, so to speak. Good for people that have nothing to say but want to say it anyway. I hope I'm not exhibiting that behavior right now.
I like to read, so keep rambling and I will keep reading.
Nice Show(non-registered)
Hi Nate,

I went the MDIBL show on Friday with my daughter. I really enjoyed seeing your work "in the flesh," even more inspiring than online. I've got the Eagle Lake shot on my Christmas list. Funny about the film guy, the bottom line is the final product, sounds like didn't have anything intelligent say so he fell back on film vs digital. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more opportunities to see your work in public!

Doug McMinimy
Being that I shoot film the majority of my time out these days, I feel this "sucka" really gives analog a bad name. Film has it's challenges, some that you will never see in the digital world, but jealousy is a far greater challenge to get past. This guy sounds like a real "douche"! I am not going to ramble on about how pathetic, bitter, distasteful, disrespectful, and dumb this guy seems to be, he's just jealous that your work is better than his.
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