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61.Damion Paul Hart(non-registered)
Visually astounding. In individual images, the change of 'focus versus fuzziness' - which you clearly chose as an artist is brilliant.

The individuals or situations you must have put yourself into to get some of the photos is also praise-worthy.

I wish I had current work to contact you with, when I do I will.
I often let the chromecast slideshow run on my TV when I just need to unwind, and a photo (this or similar: http://nateparkerphotography.com/p602853161/h128fb5dc) credited Nate Parker really captured my attention. A quick google search brought me here and I've found it incredibly calming to scroll though the photographs you have hosted here. I look forward to when my budget allows an update in my decor; I have my eye on a few prints. Thank you for hosting them!
27.Ashley Noelle(non-registered)
Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
some of the best B&W out there, Nate!
25.Bob Hamilton, Nova Scotia(non-registered)
Congratulations on the Bing image today which lead me to your web page and all the other interesting images and glass blowing on Mount Desert Island. Very interesting and must get back to your area this summer.
24.John Bald(non-registered)
Bravo Nate! You've done a lot with this site. It looks great and you've put up a lot of information. Oh, and by the way, the images are Wonderful and Beautiful!
23.Michael M. McKee
absolutely delicious...keep it up
22.Angela Henderson(non-registered)
Delightful images...your black and white landscapes have an incredible depth to them that I love. :)
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