Nik Software rocks- get it before it's gone~!

July 30, 2013  •  2 Comments

Hunter Beach Summer Fog. Acadia.

Get it before it's gone= the Nik Complete Package, which used to be something in the area of at least 400 dollars, is only 150.00 until July 31'st= you only have one day! Personally I find Nik Silver Efex absolutely the bomb and I've developed just about 98 percent of anything you've seen me make in black and white through Silver Efex. Color channel black and white conversions otherwise can do a perfect job and equivalent results can be had through Photoshop and Lightroom but the workflow I've learned through using SFX for the last 3 years is just really satisfying. There's just something about the luminance that becomes sublime coming out of Silver Efex, it always ends up revealing the image to me that then I can then chase through dodging and burning to get the result I'm after. So, when I heard of the limited availability of the whole package: due to Google's purchasing the company last year and then seemingly burying it like the compost that comes out of your kitchen in the weed pile out back I figured to upgrade all my Nik products before it was too late. 

Here's a link: then use this code to get another $25 bux$ knocked off: RONMART (which is from Ron Martinsen's Photography Blog which is good in a pinch when PetaPixel has been having an off day:

Like I said- Silver Efex 2 is worth it alone, it used to retail for $200.00 just a year ago or so, best black and white conversions hands down (whatever that means). So far I'm finding the interface more user friendly and the Fine Structure adjustment in the control point tool is sweet! Color Efex Pro 4 now is much more usable in that you can stack filters instead of having to save and reopen a file, as well as many of the filters have been tweaked to be much more useful. I've used Dfine and Sharpener pro making some particular prints and the Viveza program seems interesting for color somehow, and you also get the HDR Efex Pro 2 app which people like R.C. Concepcion love ( and just may be interesting to me again someday- I used to use Photomatix a lot, which photographers ala Trey Ratcliff like- But in regards to HDR (high dynamic range) photography: I wouldn't recommend it and if you do I would approach with great caution!

So that's that- I don't know what Google's plan herein is- but they must have something up their sleeve i.e. a new product release that will try to supplant what Nik was. But I think those will be big shoes to fill. 



Stephen Cairns(non-registered)
Thanks Nate. Just the prompt I needed. I'd been using the NIK suite for the last 2 years but haven't had it available since I bought a new computer and switch workflows to LR and CS6. Dashed them off a letter and hopefully I'll have a new licensing key to install the programs as plug ins. It really is great software - intuitive and powerful. That's a great combination.

As has been said, your image is testament to the ability of the program to realize your creative vision.
Jim Denham(non-registered)
The textures in the water/rocks are just perfect! Beautiful image Nate! I too have become quite comfortable with SEP2 and took advantage of the great deal from Google back on my birthday! Awesome products!
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