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May 02, 2012  •  5 Comments

"Eagle Lake Acadia Lichen Rocks" 2012


Hi there! I've been thinking about doing this for a while, making a video blog of sorts, first thing is to figure out the right buttons to hit to make it play right here. So long as everything works, here's an Iphone viddy of me walking around Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park a couple of mornings ago trying to make a picture in less than favorable conditions. I often check the weather with photography in mind and when I saw the forecast for Tuesday morning and realized I may have enough energy and rest to wake up at 04:00 in the morning, I decided to make a go of it and see if I couldn't reap the rewards of some nice dynamic morning light. It was a bust in the end, as 4 knot forecasted calm breezes turned out to be an annoying 20 knots and a hopefully partly cloudy broken sky turned out to be a thick and nearly featureless blanket of dullness. But in my experience if I didn't set the alarm and get up then I would have found the skies to be absolutely blowing up with awesomeness when I would ordinarily be drinking my first cup of coffee. And, getting skunked this time will, according to the law of averages, make great success eventually! Sorry about the audio- it was real windy, but I've been meaning to introduce myself as many of you guys have become some great friends of mine. And if you were worried or wondering: the beard will be back next winter. Have a good one and thanks for stopping in- Nate!


5.Guy Gale(non-registered)
Beautiful photo Nate. I would never have believed that photo came from such bad weather.....good to meet you sort of.
4.Olivier Du Tre(non-registered)
Waaaaah. Weird to see you without a beard. You clean up rather well.
As for a fashion statement. That bright orange tuque is a winner.
3.Ed King(non-registered)
Nate, nice work on the video blog, love the behind the scene videos and it's really cool to see some of thoughts behind creating pictures. That moose skull looks cool as heck and look forward to possibly seeing a future project.
2.Doug McMinimy(non-registered)
Hi Nate,

Great to have a little insight into your work. That is one awesome photo you came away with my friend!

Note to self, buy muck boots!
1.David Patterson(non-registered)
Nice! Just bought me a pair of wellies a couple of weeks ago, but am going to have to go back and get myself one of those fancy orange hats :)

Love the long exposure... who would have thunk something so peaceful could be rendered from what looked like a pretty wild morning? Those boulders anchor the photograph beautifully. Are you using Silver Efex for bw conversions?
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